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VIDEO-TEXT Synchronization:
Utilizing the latest voice recognition technologies, BLV links the video deposition with the court reporter's transcript. This enables the attorney to explore the transcript and video simultaneously and display video cuts along with the transcript at trial. This service eliminates last minute editing at trial and allows for quick searches of all your depositions for needed testimony.


BLV understands the importance of professionalism and quality. We use the best microphones and digital cameras for all depositions. Our experienced videographers are trained to handle any situation and handle it with the professionalism you expect. We guarantee and high quality image with clear sound every time.


Mpeg-1 or H.264 Encoding:
Our state-of-the-art production department has the capability to convert any video format into Mpeg files. This enables you to import the video into all trial presentation programs. Including Visionary, Trial Director, Sanction or LiveNote. With offer our Mpeg encoding services 24 hours a day for your use during trial.


BLV has a professional staff skilled at editing deposition testimony. Our editing suites offer the latest in digital and analog technology. Overnight, week-end and same day editing is always available.


BLV will customize a package for your court presentations. In addition to our experienced technicians, we offer projectors, flat screen monitors and laptops for your use during trial. Quality equipment with a professional operator is a must for your presentations.


No matter what format you have, or what format you need, BLV can produce it for you. Large or small duplication projects can be done with a quick turn around. Formats include: SD Cards,VHS, SVHS, DVD, CD, MiniDV, Audio Cassettes, and Microcassettes.


Our staff is experienced in the field of mock trial presentations. We have complete packages for your upcoming mock trial. Multi-Camera recording and adjacent viewing rooms are a standard in every package we provide.


Day In The Life Legal Video Settlement:
We offer complete Day-In-The-Life coverage. BLV has produced a variety of day-in-the-life videos. Whether you need a short recording or 24 hour coverage, we have experience in providing quality productions.


Our experienced videographers and field equipment allow BLV to provide the highest quality in site inspections for your client. BLV has shot hundreds of site inspections from refinery accidents to property damages.


We maintain a copy of all video depositions for seven years. This gives our clients access to their video should the copies they receive become lost or damaged.



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